Kickstarter slop

My '00 has developed quite a bit of slop in the kickstart "knuckle" joint.

I this an issue or can I leave it like that. If I leave it, will it break and strand me.

How best to fix it or must I replace it.


Mine did the same. I pulled it apart and streched the spring behind the ball bearing. This helped a little, but I still ended up replacing it.

It is a bad thing to have the kick arm come swinging out while you are carving through the trees or taking a little air. It bit me on several occasions and I think falling pn it with your leg in the way may do some real damage. Bottom line replace it. I tried to get the BBR billet model from Thumper talk, but they no longer make it, had to get a stock arm. Works great, no worries.



Good points!!!

I'll replace. What did it cost you?


Not cheap, like $75.

Mines a little slopy but it stays in.

Your making me worried.

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