05 Decomp plug

Can any of you guys or gals with 05 WR 450F's tell me if the retention bolt and small rubber plug is still used? If so we'll update the description in the TT store to reflect this.



WR Folks,

Any of our 05 WR owners want to take a look at their decomp plugs for the TT store? You can tell your wife or girlfriend that you have been ordered to head out to the garage or shop!

I asked this question a while ago and was told the decomp plug no longer exists for the 2005 :) ...SC

The quad, YFZ450 no longer has the plug but the YZ250 and 450F Do still have the factory plug. I'm trying to find out if the 05 WR's still have it.


I found out over on the 250 thread that the 05 WR's have the same head and plug as the YZF's so the TT decomp plug WILL fit the WR's.


Hey guys, my 2005 does NOT have a plug. I was looking at the decomp plugs on the store and began to wonder if I should get one but didn't recall seeing a plug in it..... so I went and checked it about a week and a half ago and the shape of the head remains the same, but the hole is casted over. All metal on my bike but I am not sure about other 05's.


No, for the 05 its not needed. The boss in the casting is still there, but it's not machined for the shaft and screw. Thus not needing to be plugged!

Thats weird the 05 WR's has been done away with and my 05 YZF still has the plug. It has the TT plug now.

I just ran a loop of safety wire in front of the stock one. It will not go anywhere and it was free.

Hi Guys,

If you look at Yamaha Parts list: http://parts.yamaha-motor.com/

You can see that 2004 model has alternate Decompression Kit and 2005 has AIS. My AIS pipe is running just front of the location where decompression plug used to be.

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