04' WRF450 seat same as 05' ?

Anyone who's good at guaging parts from year to year know if the 04' WRF450 seat is the same size/mounting points as the 05'?

I ask because I want to order and SDG tall seat but they only offer them up through the 04's.


Apparently not an easy question to answer since most of us don't have an 04' and 05' side by side to compare so let me re-phrase the question:

Has anyone found a company that sells tall seat replacements for the 05' WRF 450? I'm looking for a complete seat replacement.

I noticed CEET sells tall foam but then I learned you have to tear apart the stock seat, take/rip off the stock foam and glue on the replacement foam to the stock plastic seat base.........sounds like a pain in the ass to me. I'd rather just by a complete tall replacement.

I noticed SDG makes complete tall seats up through the 04's but they say they aren't making them for the 05's :) ????? ......great! That's why I asked if if the earlier models seats were the same.

I also saw in DIRT RIDER an advertisement for a company called Enduro Engineering that claims to sell complete seats. Anyone have experience with them?

Cripes! How hard can it be to find a company selling tall seats for the 05's?


I don't know personally for sure but, I think I've read about seat changes on the 05 from some of these guys. Hang tight - I'm sure they'll chime in soon ...

I would call your loacal dealer to see if the seats are the same part number for the two years.

The 04' and 05' WR seats are not the same. The 04' seat is shorter from tip to tail. The are not interchangeable. The 03'/04'seat only works with the 03'/04' tank. Hope this helps.

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