Good Deal?

One of my buddies has a 03 426 very sweet.

garage kept doesn't ride much but when he does he doesn't ride hard.

he's asking 2 grand.should i buy? :)

i'm thinking yes

Do you mean an 03 450 or 02 426. I hope thats your mistake and not his.

$2000 sounds good either way. Both are great bikes, ask him what kind of maintenance the guys done on it.

Theres some good posts about how to look at used bike and what to look for.

Good luck.

Take a good look at it, take it for a ride around the block..... then jump all over that deal!!

Here's the Kelly Blue book on the two possibilities....


2002 Yamaha YZ426F




Suggested Retail Value $3775


2003 Yamaha YZ450F




Suggested Retail Value $4260


Sounds like a sweet deal if the bikes in good shape! :)


another question.Other than the engine what is the diff between the 426 and 450?

NADA except for the 24 more cc's.

There's more than simply 24 cc's; 1 less gear and it's more refined. But I highly doubt you can get a 450 for anywhere near that price.


lower weight

auto decompression

lowered center of gravity

smaller gas tank

different plastics

probably a couple more goodies

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