coolant overflow

has anyone put some type of coolant overflow container on their YZ? i race harescrambles and enduros and a few times ive over heated and lost coolant I was thinking of devising some catch for the coolant?? i looked into ordering the WR overflow tank but it was a waste of money it would cost me like 50bucks, the cap alone according to parts finder is 10bucks.......I was thinking about this because Im going to order some of that NPG-R coolant, the ONLY place i can get it from in canada is way out in alberta and its going to cost me about 50bucks for a gallon after shipping it(ive heard this is near impossible to boil out).......however if it does i want to save it!!!

The cap is a necessity. Coolant recovery caps differ from those not built for CR, and a "normal" cap will not do the job. CR systems don't just catch the overflow, they return it to the radiator as the engine cools down underway.

You can devise almost anything to catch the coolant. Just be aware that the coolant can't be recovered unless the tube runs to near the bottom of the reservoir.

IMO, there is no coolant made that's worth $50/gal. A recovery system with a higher cap pressure should be all you need.

Motion Pro makes an Coolant Recovery System. - Then click on Accessories

It looks pretty simple - take a look at the parts and make one that fits behind your number plate.

I am thinking of doing the same thing

why not just use a WR system??

I used one from a WR you have to do some cutting of the fender yamaha gets $18.00 for the tank and $10.00 for the cap :)

thanx ....I'll look into the motion pro system its only 30dollars USD for the whole thing, I just have to find out if they will ship to canada.....

otherwise I'll get the WR system. ....what did you have to cut on the rear fender?? i actually havea n aftermarket enduro fender.......has a tailight....

if you use the evans NPG-R ,the only way it'll come out in the first place is if the system is compromised (400 deg F boiling point at only 7 psi) i ran it in some 1st gear tight muddy stuff last week at 80+deg F and it never spit a drop :) i removed the tank from mine. $50 a gallon is twice what it cost me from evans but thats the price you pay for living in a 3rd world country :)

I used the Wr system on my 400 and it was no problem (No cutting) and it did the trick.


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