New YZ450F

Uh Oh, little brother just bought a brand new YZ450F. Guess I will have to buy that roost protector and a new pair of goggles. Well, at least my 2005 WR450F has a head light. :):)

Batman, I have a buddy that bought a YZ450, and its not a good trail bike. Too tall of a first gear, ratio is close, so top speed is also reduced, especially with the 4 speed gearbox. Then if you gear it down for trails, then its too short on the top end. He went through a clutch is short order as he fanned it in tight stuff. But those bikes do rip!

He obviously has both 05 WR450 for trails and a 05 YZ450 for MX riding. :) Big Brother always gets to use all the toys! :p

Sweet set up too have both! :)

I was just acting a little jealous. Actually, I can't keep up with him on the trails anyway, because of my limited riding skills. :)

He is moving up from a '90ish Suzuki RM 250, so he is stoked. That bike was starting to fall apart piece by piece. Now, I won't be able to navigate the trails by following the white smoke clouds, but will not miss the headaches from breathing in his 2 stroke exhaust all day! HA!

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