Thanks to everyone...

For all of the advice in this forum. I recently purchased an '05 WR450F and have done all of the free stuff, re-jetted with a JD kit, and blocked off the AIS with Lowedog's kit. I'm so glad to see people that really have a passion for this stuff make a little money. ;) The products I've purchased from this site have worked just as I'd hoped. I did use a few tricks of my own with Lowedogs kit, and would love to share them with you all, if you don't mind.

The big plug on the exhaust side of the head was the hardest part...or maybe the most interesting part? I wrapped a strand of 16AWG speaker wire around the bottom of the plug (there was a small gap between the head of the plug and the cylinder head), ran the wire up between the right radiator and the frame, and left enough slack in the wire to tie it to the right fork tube with the bars turned fully to the right. I then applied pressure to the bars to the left, while gently wiggling the plug back and forth with a screwdriver. It popped out without much effort at all. :p There was never a point at which I ever even considered damage to the fork tube, Cylinder head, radiators, nothing. It was that easy. :D Otherwise, I'd suggest just draining the coolant and removing the radiator. :D

Now getting the new plug in was a different story. I unbolted the radiator, but did not remove it. I cut the head off of a cross tie nail and slid :) it between the radiator and frame. Lowedog had the smarts to cut a small recess out of the top of the plug so whatever tool you use won't slip off so easily. :) That plug is a tight fit, so you have to have some patience as you watch it slowly slide into place. You could just drain the coolant and remove the radiator though.

So now guys...does this mean that I can now set up shop and sell an AIS exhaust side plug removal/installation kit complete with speaker wire and cut-off nail? :o Oh, wait a minute...DOHHHHH!!!!

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