new 50 tooth IRONMAN $50 shipped !!!!!!!

I bought a new 50 tooth IRonman sprocket and it does not fit my crf 450!!

I screwed up and ordered the wrong one!!! This is brand new and i'll ship it to your door for $50 (lower 48 only) the part # is xr 50 check it out on IRONMAN's website. This baby's MSRP is $106. Will fit xr 600's and xr 650LLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLL only!!!!!!! PM me , here is a pic-

NEED to sell ASAP so I can get the right one!!! In the pic it looks gold, it is chrome thats just the light reflecting off it.

That thing looks sweet. It won't fit the 650R though huh? Bummer..

can't you return that?

Too bad it isnt a 45 tooth thats the size i need. I would see about returning it.

You should advertise that to the 250 guys. It should fit the 250 and 400 as well. I'd buy it if I thought I'd be getting my rear disk setup working anytime soon.

Whats the difference between a 600R and a 650R sprocket. I have a few of both and laying them side by side I saw no difference. ??

There is a slight difference. I guess i'll ebay it.

First: That sprocket was manufactured before June of 2003, so the chrome plating is excellent, and superbly resilliant..

Second: That is a CR Sprocket, regardless of that the laser-etching says.. The XR-50 Ironman rear doesn't have the counter-sunk holes. It is clearly a mis-labeled sprocket. This sprocket sprocket will NOT fit an XR650L or an XR600R. The XR400 and new XR650R use the CR sprockets with the counter-sunk holes.

Before you toss that sprocket, you may want to call about a recall/refund/exchange, although an XR has never had any problems with any early model ironman. That sprocket is a "B" Model - the second generation of Ironman Sprockets. If you compare it to the design of the ones from late 2003 onward, you'll see the difference. Their design was changed for a reason (yamaha :naughty: ) .

Otherwise, you could just get the counter-sunk CR bolts (From It will work; the CR and the XR hubs are identical in respect to sprocket mounting dimensions. Follow the mounting instructions posted on their website. Give your chain plenty of slack.

lots of bikes, I think your right it is missed marked! It bolted right up to my 05 ktm 450exc but won't fit my crf 450. Oh well it works on my katoom so i'll just keep it.

Wow that is a bad mis-label.. Not even the right bike :naughty:

The xr/CR and the KTM have the same diameter hub (if I remember correctly), but the bolts are slightly inward on the Katoom from the CR.

At least you were able to put it to use! :naughty:

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