Exhaust glowing BRIGHT red..

Someone needs to make a sticky, seriously

I just replaced my old Ti DSP system yesterday with a FMF powerbomb and Q muffler. It started right up and within a minute was glowing red like a mo fo. Never did the open Ti system glow or get anywhere near this hot, I couldn't even put my hand near that header. I'm not sure if Ti dissipates heat better or the open system just ran cooler, but I was a little surprised to see my header glowing like lava. I think a heat shield may be in order.

everyone on here says this is completely normal, which it is but does anyone know the reason why yamahas all get so hot? is it running to lean? or to rich? or does it have something to do with the hot start?  :banana:  :confused:

It is the result of a combination of aggressive cam timing, a fairly high idle speed, and relatively retarded ignition timing at idle. 

Normal, although if its really bad it could be jetting

Ok so i am going to assume the header turning cherry red is a common thing with the 426f

But the thing i can not fathom is why the water temp does not exceed 180°on my machine while sitting at an idle yet i can have smores at 6 am in the morning .

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