Installing a new O ring chain and sprockets

I ordered new sprockets for the new O ring chain the seller gave me, do I need to shim the front sprocket to keep the chain from rubbing on the case? If so where can I get a shim? Off the top of your heads, what length do I need to cut this chain down to?


PS the bike is a 2000 yz426

No shimming should be required. As for the length, the best thing is to roll the chain onto your bike with the wheel forward and find a length that works. Be sure you have a real chain breaker for the job, though; most O-ring chains are pretty tough cookies. If you don't have one, I say make an investment in a shop quality breaker you can have for several years and will actually work. Regina makes one for under $30 that is excellent.

I just put a new O-ring chain on my bike 2 weeks ago.

length is 114 links and was my first sprocket and chain change.

If you've done this before then you probably won't have any trouble with

the master link but I had quite a time putting mine on.

Had to stop and check out some of the threads on what method to use.

I ended up using a small pair of vise grips to squeeze the links together and

a pair of needle nose vise grips to push on the clip on.

That seemed to work pretty well.

What size chain did you get It should not rub. It should be a 520 not a 530 it's wider :)

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