vortex/mychron use

i'm trying to use a vortex x10 in conjunction with a mychron 3 plus data logger. i've had trouble getting RPM signals. does anyone have experience with this combination of components? if so, how's the best way to get at the RPM signal?

i contacted vortex before posting on this site. they were not helpful. i'm currently waiting on comments from mychron, but had hoped in the mean time someone on this site might have the solution. jdd

Jim I run the mychron in my World Super Kart with the YZ 450. take the wire that picks up the spark signal and tie into the orange wire from the coil lead that should do it or email mychron and they can help you

On my VFR I wrapped the wire around the spark plug wire, however with the coil built into the cap, like on a 450 you would have to use the trigger (probably a non black wire).

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