Resetting the Odo

Do I have the only bike without an odo reset button? It takes forever to crank it back for resets. Am I overlooking the obvious?

Thanks :)

Good question Mark. I wondered the same thing! :)

I am almost positive there is no reset on the WR400. At least not on mine or my brothers WR400.

It seems so incredibly odd the manufacturers of this high-tech machine of superior quality would not put more thought into such creature comforts as a resettable odometer.

Happy Sickleing.

if your cordless doesn't spin fast enough for ya, I believe a Dremmel tachs out at 10,000+ rpm

That's it, I'll just put by black&decker cordless screwdriver in my enduro jacket and use a little rubber hose "adapter" to reset the odo.... Why didn't I think of that???


Any suggestions on how to reconfigure the electrical system to power the high speed dremel tool. :)

Hey Redbird,

I tried to reconfig my stator to run the dremel but I fried the windings.... anyway, since I'm running the baja designs DS kit, I got the idea to put a small 120v power inverter into my fanny pack and wire it into my battery. Now I just hook the inverter (carried in my fanny pack) up to the dremel tool(I carry that in my enduro jacket) and rev the engine to about 8,000 rpm, then hook the dremel up to the odo to rewind back to the reset. It's easy and it Works Great! :)


See my post "knuckle relief" on 11/6 regarding your question. Looks like some other folks came up with the same idea. Must be either a case of "great minds think alike" or patent infringement! :)


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