YZ to WR?????

Hey gang, Just got my 99wr a few weeks ago and loved it so much my father-inlaw went out and got a 99yz yesterday. The question is what does it take to put a wr headlight on the yz? He is only interested in the headlight for off road use. Does the wr headlight bolt up? No, does anyone make a headlight kit for it aftermarket? Thanks :)

if memory serves me right you could use the flywheel and stator outta wr and that woudl work... or you can search.. cuz i have seen a few options as far as lighting systems go around here..

and i dont believe it will bolt right up.. there was something just a tad diffrent about the triple clamps that wouldnt let it bolt up..

You can easily find a headlight from an after market company for a good price. It's the lighting system that's not gonna be cheap

www.elextrexusa.com has the WR stator and flywheel for about $300

You will also need a voltage regulator about $20.

Then a headlight. An acerbis one will cost ya around $75.

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