05 WR 450 Ignition switch failure

My ignition switch popped up at 50 mph. Fortunately I was cruising on a Fire Road. If I was negotiating technical terrain or trying to jump something, it could have resulted in a catastrophic crash. I am nervous about that switch now. Anyone have the same problem?

Yep. As happen to lots of people.

A search pulls up these threads.

Link 1

Link 2

Both of those threads are talking about the e-start button or kill switch... not the ignition on/off button.

Interesting situation... I can see how a good jolt could cause it to press itself and shut off. Problem is, a toggle would be just as bad.

It might do it again :) These kind of "push-lock" switches are usually made of plastic. I haven't try to open it yet. If it's dirty, it might feel it's "locked", but it will bounce back. WD-40 might help.

mine works fine.

i would guess that it wasn't all the way "clicked" down. was just suck 90% down. then hit a bump at the right speed.

always "ready on the clutch" will save you in all lock up situations. :)


I'm waiting for mine to do the same thing!

It's really easy to know when it's getting ready to pop. When you push it down you don't hear it "click" back up. It does enough for the light to come on but not enough for the "click" sound. When I don't hear the click, I just double click mine again. Seems to have kept me from having a "false" switch on feeling. I know it's not a dirt thing either, the bike has 40 some odd miles on it and it's done it since day one. I just kind of figured it's a cheap switch!

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