2004 YZ450F Rear Shock Adjustment (TOOL)

:) Hey guys,

I was just looking at adjusting my shock sag today. I don't know if i can really work with a shock wrench in there. Also is it ok to use a punch? Thanks for the help and all information is greatly appriciated..Thanks

Do the job properly because if you don't at sometime it will come back and bite you on the ass, take what ever you need off to get at it, and do the job to the best of your capabilities.


You can use a punch for the lock nut. If you spray some W.D. 40 on the shock body you can get your hand in there and turn the spring by hand. (The adjusting nut will turn with the spring). Put the bike on a stand or have someone hold up the rear and it turns pretty easy.


Thanks guys..i will give you some feed back when i do this...Once again thanks

When adjusting the sag I took the airbox out giving me ample room to adjust the sag easily :)

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