YZ 426 02 UK Riders

Hello all,

Just wanted to find out if there are any 426 owners here who are based in the United Kingdom?

Many thanks


Hello mate, same bike, same year, based in Bristol, what can I do for you??

Hi Daz, i have a WR426 02, nearly the same.I am english but live and ride in

spain at the moment.Any questions or chat, drop me a line.

Cool, where is the best place to do some serious trail riding? As i am based in north London there isnt too many places round here.

Also have you done the cam mod's on your bikes? Ive got my cam on order and will be doing the work this coming weekend.


Hello mate, my bike is pretty standard with only a DR. D hotstart added. I got it registered myself so it is road legal, but with day time MOT only. As for riding places I read that a new indoor supercross track had opened up in London some where, best bet is get Trials and Motocross news, a list of all practice tracks in there, quite a few up the M4 corridor. Not sure about green laning in London, could be interesting though!!!! :)

I ride an '02 YZ426 and I'm a Monty-Python fan, does that count?

Haha, no only if you are a Mr Bean fan it counts :)

Seeing Mr Bean with a turkey stuck on his head was a life changing experience for me. :naughty: I love it all, from The Hitchhikers Guide to Fawlty Towers. British humor is the best. :naughty::D:D

Hi Daz, yep I'm in the UK. I've got a '00 426. You should try Ashdown. Its a mix of motocross and enduro.

Hi guys.I have just purchased my 1st 4 banger and i have come across a few probs.I have owned many 2 strokes and consider myself pretty good on the running of these bikes.The bike I have bought is a YZ 426 fully converted to Supermoto (Road Legal) and it is awesome.The problem i have is i struggle to start it once it has stopped,it has got a proper hot start yet it still will not fire straight away.Also do u run it on Shell Optimax for better performance as the last owner said it ran brill on this juice.The bike has got a FMF exhaust and quite a few extras and to be quite honest sounds fantastic.Hope u can help me on this subject and I will gladly pass on any info if I can help u.By the way i have got loads of spares for sale.

Cheers Jonny

Hello all,

Just wanted to find out if there are any 426 owners here who are based in the United Kingdom?

Many thanks


Are you close to Lester by chance? My buddy lives there and he's coming here to Ohio in 18 days to stay for 3 months. He's a motorcycle mechanic so I can't wait until he gets here. He's going to run through my motor while i'm at work. I can see if he knows of anywhere.

Us UK based people are jealous of the US and Canadian's riding terrain...

I'm based in north London so not too many places hence converting mine to street legal. hmmm urban motocross...

Gmiles where about is Ashdown? Also you guys who have road legal bikes, what tail pipes are you using?

Jonny, you should get the Cam mod if you dont like the starting method of the current setup. I have ordered the Hot Cam which has a Auto Decomp built in so you kick it like a two-stroke. There is also the 450 cam mod wich is the first thread on this forum.

Also what items do you have for sale as im always interested :naughty:

Heres a few tracks Daz , a couple of enduro types aswell :ride:click

Heres a few tracks Daz , a couple of enduro types aswell :ride:click

Good answer, but the original post was 22/3/05.And Essex Off Road Experience is no longer there. It's called essex MX now, a new track (good). mxtrax has a more current track listing.

u guys should really join www.visordown.com similar idea to TT but everyone is english, and there loads more people who post all the time, check out the supermoto and offroad section for 426 guys....

i have a yz426f from wales and i need places to ride


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