I was just outside in MY garage doing some work on the bikes (mostly spring tune up) when my woman came out screaming at me!!!!! :p Well i guess it is 8pm and the neighbors that live 15ft from my garage dont like the new YZ426 screaming while im adjusting the carb and warming it up to change the oil. :)

Oh Well :)

It couldn't have been running that long. What happened to "tolerance"?

My neighbor across the street used to turn her music up or slam her door at the sound of my nitro powered rc cars buzzing up and down the street. It was really a hoot when her new boyfriend who's an x motocrosser felt little two stroke engines in them were cool! "Hey dude, can I drive it?" That's what he said. ( ha ha) I did try to be polite and only run my cars in the afternoon and for short periods. Irregardless, the neighbors have all at one time looked at my cars funny. I never got this with my son's yz80 or my yz250. My wifes' take has been, "screw them, you only run for like 5 minutes of a twenty-four hour day." Anyways just got a yz400 with a big bore kit (420), full Pro Circuit T-4 system!!! Those little nitro cars are looking like 2 stroke angels to the neighbors now. Listen to the wife, but we all know a bike without maintenance is a timebomb.....goodluck.

I recently went for a second walkthrough of a house I ended up buying and during the walkthrough my fiancee mentioned to the owners something about me or my dirtbikes and they were like "Oh, the neighbor across the street has one and 2 guys that way do and 1 down that way!" I was like :) . I think they may have mistaken quads for dirt bikes at one of the places but hey it is still an off-road type. I can't wait to move in, we close 1 week from today!

fastenuf4u, Where do you live in Indiana by the way? I live in Fort Wayne. Matt


I live in Bloomington, I would say about 2.5-3 hours south of you. If you are ever down this way to ride (doubtful with the amount of public riding areas we have) drop me a line.

sounds good! Haspin Acres is the closest to you I go riding. Great place. If I am around Bloomington, I'll get ahold of you. Matt

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