Looking to buy: ???WR, XR, KLX, yzf?????

I need help deciding on a bike, I'm 5'6", 160lbs. Living and riding Utah Uintahs and southern utah mostly, mostly trail riding w/ some jumping. I'm considering 250-500 cc's, I'm thinking of a 94 KLX 250 w/ big bore to 300 but thought $1700 was pricy, looking ideally for a 400 4 stroke but am open to any suggestions, thanks for the help, Jon

Not to sound like a broken record, but my '00WR400F carried me about 500 miles around the Paiute ATV trail last summer just fine. It wasn't even jetted right, it just kept chugging along. YZ would also be a good choice if you don't mind really close gear ratios, 19" rear wheel, and no lighting coil.

It's good if you can find one in nice shape that hasn't been rode hard and put away wet.

Generally speaking for 4 strokes, the older YZs are easier to find for cheap as a lot (at least in this area) are used for MX as well. I settled on the '98 WR400 and am very pleased going to 4 stroke as I feel like it is easier to be faster for somewhat of a novice rider. I am still tweaking the front suspension as I am 6" 0" and 165 and have been adjusting it to soften it up a bit. I question the 5' 6" as these things are very tall compared to other bikes. I had a KX250 previously and it was definitely lower. The XR and KLX's maybe better ergonomically, but you will be without some of the awesome power of these bikes. My neighbor was about the same height as you and did not like his YZ 125 because of the height. I wanted the lights and the 5 speed (eventhough we do not have mountains like you guys do). I needed a lower gear to go slower to do scenic riding with my family and friends on quads occasionally (the KX was horrible for this). Good luck

for trail riding, go WR over YZF. even though it is the same motor, the timing, gear ratio and lighter flywheel make it much more of a handful on trails. The WR jumps fine on small to moderate stuff you find on trails, but is not well suited to the track doubles and triples the YZ excels in with out mods. The WR eats trails up and is very versatile.

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