Clutch not disengaging

I just finished doing some minor work on my 05' WR450 and when I finished I found that the clutch would not disengage the transmission. This wasn't the case on my last ride although I did notice towards the end that it didn't seem to be going into first gear as easy as usual. The work I did today was replacing the clutch lever but I went through the entire adjustment range and it didn't change anything. I also checked and the push lever is being opened when I operate the clutch. When I pull the clutch in there is still plenty of resistance - maybe just slightly less then when the clutch is out. If I push really hard I can barely roll the bike. Any ideas what this could be or what I should check? Thanks.


I'd like to hear how you resolve the issue. I have a buddy with an '04 that's been doing this since just after it was new. :)

Check that you have your throw out ball in the clutch push rod connection to the pressure plate. Some Yamaha's are shipped with one and others are missing them from the factory. You can also go to a larger ball than the stock unit to get full clutch disengagement. Just dont over do it and lose your full pressure engagement. :)

The exact same thing happened to me after I replaced the front sprocket on my 05 WR450. I thought I broke something in the clutch and even opened it up to inspect it but found no problems. I fired it up and rode it around the block. When I got it back into the garage and shut it off the clutch was working properly again. I'm not sure what the cause was or what corrected it but maybe something in the clutch/tranny was binding up after I loosened then tightened the countershaft nut and riding it somehow unbound it. Anyways all is fine now.

Thanks for the responses. I went out this morning and tried to push it in gear with the clutch in and the problem didn't go away overnight :) . I decided to take markyjoe's advice first since it seemed the easiest so I started it up, pulled the clutch in and put it in gear. I expected it to lurch forward but it didn't. Seems as soon as I started the bike the problem went away.

Now, I don't think this could be related but the bike didn't start well or run well for the first minute or so. The button didn't even work and I had to kick it and it also backfired alot at first. It sounded kind of like when I first brought it home. After a minute or two it seemed to be running fine but I am still a little wierded out by that combined with my clutch "problem" and the slight difficulty I'm having getting it into first gear. The horrendous chain slap doesn't help to calm me either. So if anyone has any comments about any of that, good or bad, feel free. Maybe it's all just ordinary stuff and I'm just overly concerned.


I wonder if the throw out ball is wedging to the side of the push rod and therefore reducing the distance of the effective push to disengage. :)

the oil film on the clutch forms a vacuum on the the plates as it cools,and sticks them together. its nothing to worry about,as it goes away once its warmed up. after you ride it next time shut it off and try moving it in gear while its hot,it'll roll like it should. :) indy just has balls on his mind because of his new rekluse :p the horrendous chain slap is normal also,try siliconing the chain slide to the swingarm :)

I sure hope he was not trying to push the bike in gear with a cold engine.

Mountainman is right! :) The clutch when cold drags and wont fully release. :p I love my 5 new Tungsten balls! :)

I've had several dirt bikes that exhibited the "glued" clutch plate syndrome that you describe. The worst was my 400 CanAm. Had to warm that puppy up completely before the clutch would disengage. My WR 450 does not do this. (yet)

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