wr400 too slow

He actually was a freak about changing the oil he kept a log and everything. He change oil at every 100 miles or every 2 months and he would start the bike every month in the winter to lube it up.. He had a wr 426 he rode mostly. His wife rode this bike some and he used it to go up trails.

Does the stock pipe with the baffle or whatever its called, removed make about the same power as say an fmf or white bros. I just was curious, because I've heard people say uncorked its really loud but makes about as much power as any pipe.

sorry about all the questions. Its just that when funds are limited its a good idea to do a lot of research. Thanks.

Sounds like you have a little work to do, but it's not likely you'll find a better deal, so it's probably worth it.

Open stock silencer is probably not too far off the aftermarket pipes, but it is much louder than most.

My 99 wr 400 has all the free mods and is a true ripper. I rode this past weekend with a buddy that has a 95 cr250 with new top end and he was eating dust all day. The power delivery is different than the 2 stroke like we all know but power is only good when you can put it to the ground. The WR has tons of usable power. It is a little heavy in the front but the power will pick that front end up NP. Buy the WR and don't look back!! Maybe just to see the unsuspecting buddy on the CR250. Good luck :)

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