replacing stock air filter

picked up my 05 wr 450 early in December and really happy with the bike

especially after doing all the mod's ( grey wire, throttle stop, exhaust ,smog crap

and JD jetting) would like to replace the stock air filter any suggestion?

White Brothers air filter I have is much thinner than original. She is breathing better :)

Twin-Air :):):p

thank's for the help guy's. There have been some good reviews about

the twin-air filter and u just backed it up Indy, twin-air on order. :)

Ditto on the Twin-Air

Yup on the twin air. Their power flo cage is NICE, too

I've been using Ready Filters on three different bikes for the last year. They cost only $10 and come ready to install on the bike. They work great and you just throw them away when dirty or you can wash and reuse. Check them out!

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