Sound check

OK, Took the insert out of the GYTR exhaust on my 02 WR. I wrapped the spark arrestor with one layer of packing. I warmed the bike up today and tested the noise level. Just as I thought, it is not yet legal. It was around 102 dB at 1/2 throttle. :) I held the meter 45 degrees off the end of the pipe, 20 inches away (thats how they sound check here in Michigan at our club rides.) The bike idles @ 92 dB! At 1/3 throttle, it was around 99 dB.

I am going to try to wrap some more packing before re-installing the moped sounding, power robbing insert.

Can you please send some pictures of your project? I'm planning to install GYT-R muffler to my bike.

I'd send some pics, but it looks like no matter how much packing I use, I can't get enough around the spark arrestor to quiet the bike to 94dB. I just warmed it up again tonight after re-wrapping the screen and I could barely get the spark arrestor back into the silencer without unwinding the packing.

The bike sounded a lot more mellow, but still read 99-100dB on the meter!

What specifically do you want to see???

Close-up of wrapped screed would be nice :) thanks..

Do you use a "silent insert" for GYT-R muffler?

Is your meter at the right angle. A lot of people think the meter has to be pointed at the exhaust while working at the 45° angle. Not adjacent to it.



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