PowerBomb Question - MX vs. SX

The guy at the local parts shop was in a good mood today and gave me a good deal on a PowerBomb header...$140. Anyway, I forgot to ask him if it was an SX or an MX. Is there anyway to tell by looking at it? I was going to call back tomorrow, but the guy who sold it to me is off tomorrow. Thanks kids...SC

No love for Steve guys? .....bump.....

if its the newer version (without springs that holds it on) i don't think there is a choice anymore,because the last time i ordered one there was only one available. but i could be wrong :)

I am pretty sure that there is no codes on the header itself, but if you still have the box it came in, have a look at the part number

044033 is the MX

044031 is the SX.

I have just bought the SX version here in Sydney, as it gave me more power down low

No box with this one. It was hanging on the wall with the other exhaust goodies...SC

I think the inner diameter is a bit smaller on the SX vs. the MX. Probably can't tell from looking at it. Mine had no numbers or way to tell on the header itself...

According to FMF, the MX i.d is 1 5/8 whille the SX is 1 1/2...SC

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