I did it.... getting a 02 wr 426

hey all you WR fanatics.... well i did it i'm getting a WR hopefully by the weekend... now about starting it can someone give me an easy way of starting this monster...... i can't wait to blast some trails with it

thanks all

There should be some past threads on the starting drill, but it's really pretty simple.

Turn just past top dead center (use the compression release to get it by), then start at the top and kick.

The hot start is your friend if it's jetted correctly.

If it won't start, hold in the compression release (just barely open now) and kick it over several times, then try it again.

AND ...

Never turn the gas when it's not running. The AP will flood it instantly.

Long live the 426! (Enjoy your new toy)


On my uncles 426 I just pull the choke, get the kick start in position as previoulsy mentioned, and kick. I hadnt started it for about 10 days here just recently and it started with one kick. One thing I noticed with his is I cant give it much throttle till its warmed up pretty good and I have the choke off or it will peter out. Then sometimes its not so easy to restart. Good luck and enjoy your new ride. :)

#1. Turn on the gas.

#2. Pull in de-compression lever, and fully kick the bike through 3 or 4 times.

#2.5 Pull out choke lever.

#3. Kick bike until kick-starter stops.

#4. Pull in de-compression lever.

#5. Continue moving kickstarter through the stroke, but only go 1/2" inch!

#6. Release de-compression lever.

#7. Return kickstarter to top position.

#8. With a fluid motion, fully kick the beast, gaining momentum through the stroke.

If you lay the bike over after running, you may need to use the hot-start system.

Go through the exact same proceedure, substituting "Hot start" for "choke" and remember to close the hot start circuit after the beast is running.

Good luck!


Don't touch the throttle

pull the choke

kick it just past TDC

give it a good swift kick

Should fire if not repeat


don't touch the throttle

kick it just past TDC

give it a good swift kick

Should fire if not.....

don't touch the throttle

pull hot start button

kick it just past TDC

give it a good swift kick

should fire if not Pull in decomp lever and kick 10 times

kick it just past TDC

give it a good swift kick

should fire.....if not repeat.

What ever you do...do not touch that throttle. :)

thank you very much....... hope to take it to cal city this saturday and hope i don't have starting problems....

Here is how I start my 01 426:


2. Pull out the choke and wait about 30 seconds.

3. Kick down on the kickstarter until it stops.

4. Pull the decomp lever and kick down another 1.5 inches

5. Release the decomp lever.

6. Let the kick start lever go all the way back up.

7. Kick hard with one fluid kick. Make sure you kick all the way through.

8. After the bike has warmed up a bit (about a minute) push the choke back in.

I used to do the whole "pull in the decomp lever and kick 10 times" and the "kick it until you find top dead center" routines but not anymore. In my opinion doing this only increases the risk of flooding it. I alwys follow the routine I listed above and it starts like a piece of cake.

Just remember: DON'T TOUCH THE THROTTLE! Grab the break box instead.

Quick caveat. Never attempt to kickstart the bike without proper protective equipment. I spent a few hours in the ER getting stitched up because I was (notice the past tense form!) stupid and tried to kick it over wearing only shoes and shorts. See pic below. (I hope the link works as it is the first I've tried.)


Edit: BTW, the damn thing wouldn't heal properly either, so when they took the stitches out after 10 days it just split back open again. It had to heal through "secondary intention," which is a fancy way of saying do nothing and let time heal it. I couldn't ride for almost 2 months because it kept reopening. Maybe if I was more manly I wouldn't have cared and ridden anyway.

I never touch the throttle while kicking, but if it's cold outside I always give it 3 or 4 good rips on the throttle before kicking. Starts the first time everytime.

Get you an auto decomp cam and then kick away. It makes the bike much more fun when you can just kick it without the drill.

The drill with the kickstarter and the decomp and so on have been well described.

Now, you'll get in trouble if you don't know when to use the choke, throttle and hot start. If you are not used to "what your bike wants", always start with a lean procedure going richer if the bike does not start.

Lean: try with the hot start

richer: try without the hot start

richer: try wih the choke

If you ride below 50 degrees,

richer: twist the throttle one time then kick with choke

richer twist the throttle twice then kick with choke...

By doing this, you'll never end up asking yourself what you should do.

If the bike is hot, it will start right away with the hot start

If its cold, it won't fire but you're not commited at all, you just try without the hot start button and so on... following this procedure, you'll never floud the bike and will never get lost in what you should do. With a little time, you'll get to learn when your bike wants the hot start and when it needs to be choked and so on. When it happens, your bike will almost always fire first kick.

Wish you a lot of fun! :)

well picked up the bike tonight and it started on about the fifth kick

it will take a little time but i know i will get it... i'm use to starting my XL600 so this might just be cake to start compared to that...

well i will be in the desert this Sat. cal city or dove springs maybe i can catch someone out there see you then...

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