Decompression Plug for Hot Cams

Hello, just wanted to ask/find out if it is necessary to remove the decomp lever and fit the TT Decompression Plug. As i have decided to take the plunge and the hot cam is on order. :)

Any info is greatly appreciated.


i believe if you leave the spring on the lever then it will be ok. but for 20 bucks, just get the TT plug. i ran my bike twice with the lever still in then finally bought the plug. it's a really nice piece.

Cool, thanks, I'll order it now from the TT shop.

I have heard that a few people leave the decomp connected to "clear" the cylinder if it floods. As i have only the Hot Cam exhaust cam on order at the moment this wont make a difference will it?

Thanks for the info.

You can leave the decomp lever in place. The only disadvantage is that if the right exhaust valve needs shimming, you will have to remove the retainer bolt and slide it part way forward to clear the cam follower so that it can be removed. If you leave it in, be sure to keep the return spring in place, as was pointed out.

cool, thanks

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