Ride Height

This may be a strange question but, is it possible to lower the seat height on a 01 YZ426F? I'm not the tallest guy in the world and I have to be honest, I have a hell of a time getting on and off this bike and an even tuffer time when it comes to starting it. Is there a way to lower the seat height (suspension, seat, etc)?


Not sure if they offer a lower foam for the seat, but you can lower the suspension at the spring. I know for some of the "other" bike brands, the offer a lowering link for the shock linkage. Can't remember the manufacturere though. Pro Circuit or Zip-Ty Racing maybe. Try adjusting your spring first or the sag setting. Someone feel free to jump in and correct me at anytime, my says I don't know crap. :)

You can try to shave the seat foam. Using an electric fish filet knife would be the easiest. Remove your seat cover and shave away. The plus is you can give yourself a custom contour. It's also a good time to install a new gripper cover too. RC's bike has a trimmed seat, because obviously he too is a shorter guy. Good luck, Matt


You can also shorten the subframe, I have seen people cut a portion of the subframe out and re-weld the eylets back on, this is a clean way to do it!

you can also contact Pro Action. I had mine dropped 2 inches

Although I ride CRF250R... I too am short 5'4'...We put softer springs in the front and rear for my weight. Instead of having the bike profeesionally lowered, we first tried a few things first. We set the sag at 105-107 which brought the back end down, and raised the forks in the clamps just under the bars. That worked good it lowered the bike quite a bit I could now touch the ground better. The only thing with that is hubby said it might "push" a bit in the turns. We also shaved the seat down 1 1/2 inches and now I LOVE IT. It wasn't as hard as I thought is was gonna be to do either. It came out perfect...just took my sweet ol time. :)

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