YZ 426?

Would like to know if any WR400 owners have ridden a 01 YZ 426

Need your impression on it and weather or not with a few mods can be as good a trail/Enduro race bike as my 99 WR400

I have ridden a stock '00 YZ. I ride in Ohio woods, the YZ is not a good tight trail bike. The gearing is extremely high, and the suspension is stiffer. It's better for MX of course. Also there is more wheelspin due to less flywheel weight.

BUT ! I would think if you added a flywheel weight, changed internal gearing to WR's (cheap, but major engine work), it would be lighter and superior to the WR. The 19" wheel is a slight disadvantage on the trail too, but the proper tire can even those odds..

Any other takers?

For what it's worth:

I have an '00 YZ 426 bone stock (except for White Bros spark arrestor) that I use solely for trail riding. I live in Kentucky and ride some pretty gnarly woods trails. The gearing is a little tall for tight trails but not unmanageable. I don't mind the stiff suspension - but it gets a little uncomfortable on long rides. The difference between my bike and my bud's '98 400 is pretty noticeable (particularly in the low and mid) I would guess the '01 would be even better :)

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