Starting problems

Does anybody know if the 05 WR 450 will kick-start without a battery?

I left the switch in the on position for about a week. Last night I went to turn it on and noticed it was left on. I pushed the switch a few times and the light would not come on. For the hell-of-it I tried the starter and nothing. Then I moved to the kick-starter and cranked away for about a half an hour trying different things thinking it might be flooded or starving for gas. Tried again about an hour or so later and still nothing. Today I will try checking the switches and the fuse to see if everything is operating correctly. And yes it has gas and the fuel line is turned on. Does any part of the bike require current from the battery to start? Any comments or suggestions?

Mine wouldn't start with a dead battery. I kicked and kicked - nothing. Finally I ran a jumper cable to another bike and it fired up on the second kick.

I don't know why this is since I figured I could always use the kicker as a backup if my battery died. Doesn't seem to be the case though if the battery is completely dead.


Yes, it will start without the battery. There are a few TT's who have removed their starter and battery. Do a search and you can get more info.

I think Seabass is one of them.

Good Luck.

I was wrong the TT member who has been running without starter and battery is Timvv51.

Here is a link to his post.

Re: Battery and Starter removal 03 450

Been runnin without my battery for a year and 9 months. No problems. Nothin but empty space in the battery box and no mods to keep from damaging the electrical system. I was told by several local wrenches it wouldnt hurt a thing.


WR 450 Lots of miles and scratches

Hope this helps...

I had the same problem too. Mine started but pretty hard and it didn't charge the battery very well by riding around. Put it on a charger over night and it worked fine.

I think the truly dead battery draws down the whole electrical system with it. It would probably start right away if you disconnected the battery and tried the kick. I haven't tried it though, I could be totally wrong.

This is probably obvious but make sure the switch is turned on. You won't be able to see the little red light if the battery is dead.


Thanks for the replies.

I charged the battery last night, just enough to get the red light to turn on. It fired up after the third kick.

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