Is this Bike worth it?

01 YZ426F

Heres the story, this dude bought the bike and it grenaded on him, sounds like it needs a new top end and possibly some more parts, he said the dealer wants 4900 canadian for parts and labour

he's asking a thousand bucks for it. I've had some experience with motor work, and i've had countless XR's and RM's.. are these YZF motors hard to work on? i'm thinking of doin the work myself if i bought it..

i'll get a list of what the dealer claims it needs..

k heres apparently what it needs

cylinder head assembly, cylinder, cylinder head gasket set, piston ring set, crankshaft assembly, valves, cotter valve, piston, and misc. gaskets..

would this be easy enough to do? or dealer only kinda work..

Depends on what's really wrong with the motor. If the engine spit a valve, or siezed the piston and bent the rod, you could have quite a large parts bill.

Does the kick started turn the motor over smoothly?

----- posted above before the parts listing -----

Sounds like an expensive bill. You can price it out, and that will tell you a lot. If you feel you can do the work, go for it. I know I could do it. There's no machining required since the parts requiring machining are largely going to be purchased new. This is mostly R&R work, and then checking tolerance and clearances afterwards.

for a $1000?

You might be financially better off buying the bike and parting it out. If you rebuild it you still have an old, used dirt bike in the rest of the running chassis.

Though, if you like monkeying around and building old stuff back up....then go for it. these things are hard to figure out. Dirt bikes don't make much financial sense in the first place, it's all about the enjoyment.

OR..... You can buy my bike,with PC exhaust,03 auto decomp Cam,Ceet gripper cover,Pro Taper bars,power now,BK mod,new renthal sprocket,new RK chain,this puppy is fast..And I'm in the same prov as you for $5300.00 and have a very low hour near mint bike....

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