Tera-Flex Tires in Western Canada

Just thought I'd post a note to try and save anyone else the trouble I went through trying to find one of these tires.

Here's a link if you aren't familiar with them -


After two days and way too many long distance phone calls .............

I've managed to track down a Tera-Flex dealer in western Canada.

Modern Motors in Calgary doesn't stock them, but they're an Interco dealer, and will special order them if requested. Unfortunately, they only place orders from Interco every 10 days or so, so waiting time is around 2-2 1/2 weeks.

I ordered a Type 2 for $115 CDN plus tax, should work out to around $125 CDN total.

I told him that he should bring a bunch of them in, but they're a 4X4 shop, not a motorcycle shop, and he's skeptical on the whole idea.

If you're interested, call (403) 253-0664 and ask for Rob.


I find the Terra-Flex to work the best in the mountains. Amazing hill climbing tire! :) We have the same issue down here only a few dealers sell them as well.

Waxy, I'm interested to hear how they work for our riding out here. Let us know

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