Where to buy Acerbis Fork/Disc guards ?

Hey guys, thanks in advance cause I know a solid member here will have a good hook up :)

I wanna buy online the front fork/disc guard set for my 2003 XR650L. I know a lot of guys are running them and they look pretty tight as well as being funcionally sound.

Been searching the net and cant find a place to buy them, and Acerbis site has their online shopping shut down for a while doing website upgrades or something...Anyway I appreciate the help if somebody has a few links etc.

Tanks :)

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Did you try the thumper talk store?

They have great prices and smiling employees!!!

They might even...

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They don't make them yet for the 650R. I know you have a 650l. However, for all you 650R owners all xr's only or any other xr specialty shop does is get xr400 ones and make them work. I did that and got some nice black ones. All you need to do is drill one slot to make the zip tie work.

Are you saying a XR400 set of black ones will fit an XR650L model with a simple mod?

Or refering to XR650R

I was referring to the 650R, sorry. But I'd assume you have a relatively close fork setup to the xr400s. The 400's may have more brands/colors available to you.

where can I get those nifty carbon fiber lower leg covers too?



precision concepts has the carbon ones,they look cool for awhile ,till ya smack a rock .i just run the suspension shops stickers on the legs .nice and thick one,s so for so good .

www.xrsonly.com has just about every tang.

This was posted 8 months ago, dont know why I got brought back from the dead...jeez

who brought it back?

www.xrsonly.com has just about every tang.

do you miss spell on purpose,sure makes you look dumb :banghead::banghead:

oh no, i didnt know how to spell thing.

Wr450>> You're a true dumbass...

it is you that brought it back.. :banghead:

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