Why do people say the YZ426 is hard to start??

I just do not get it. I guess I am very lucky. My 01 YZ426 will start second kick every time rain, hail, sleet, or snow. I must have one that is set up just right or something.

probably bad maintenance and not enough patience to learn the drill. I don't know either, my 01 426 starts no problem with no cam or carb mods.

When was the last time you two tried to start yours when it was below 30 degree's :)

Aah, cold weather, eh? Try giving it several twists on the throttle to prime the engine with the accelerator pump, same as you would an old carbureted truck in that weather.

They say that because they haven't learned the drill, and you know the bike really won't forgive your ignorance.

For me "knock on wood" it's all about priming. I roll the throttle twice BEFORE the first kick and it fires right up.

I dont think "not knowing the starting drill" or "bad maintenance" is always the problem. Cold weather, dumping the bike over, and stalling it can cause greif when trying to fire it back up again. My bike always starts for me unless one of these things happens. Then it can be a pig to start.

Only time it's taken me more than three kicks was when I filled it up with water!

Because there lazy.

Don't know the drill.

Are a bunch of girly men.


Are a bunch of girly men.

Yes, that's it. Ease of starting is directly related to the amount of beer you consume. :)

Once I learned the drill, I had no problems execpt sometimes when it stalled--particularly if it fell over. But now that I've installed the Rekluse, it basically never stalls, and even if it did with the 450 cam it's really easy to kick over.

Yes, that's it. Ease of starting is directly related to the amount of beer you consume. :)
Now THAT is what I expect from a proper Aussie. :)

Because when your in a race, and just layed it down getting it lit and doing the drill is no fun. Or if you stall it on a hill, and you need to do the drill on a slope, it's no fun. I have no problems with the driill on the stand, but on the trail and track it's a different story.

If you stall it or drop it, it probably needs leaning out. Pull the hotstart and she'll go.

Mine seems to start easy, especially with a new plug.

Hey guys, don’t confuse ease with consistency, there’s a big difference between the 426 and 450 in that respect.

I’ve had both, the 426 was the most consistent starting bike I’ve ever had, the 450 is by far the easiest. No comparison on starting, the auto decomp cam makes it effortless (and brainless, forget the “drill”). Big difference when stalling the bike also, most of the time you can bump start the 450 before you even stop moving.

The 426 is an awesome bike, but weight and starting were the huge differences when the 450’s came out.

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