Newbie with a question.....

Hi guys, how are you all doing? looking to buy a 1990 XR600 which I want to use as dual sport, and was wondering if any of you boys use one of these on road every day. I assume to fit a keyed ignition/kill switch and was wondering how easy to fit indicators etc. Also how practical are they for distance riding? are they up to it? Cheers in advance and hi from sunny UK :)

I own a '94 XR600, but I only ride off-road with it and I love it! :) So I would definitely recommend the bike. I see a lot of TTer's have Dual Sported 600's. This may help you with the D.S. Kits if you go that route. I like the look and quality components of the Electrex-Dakar kit.. and Take care, Walt :)

Get a 91 instead. You get a rear disc then. Much better stopping. Steny

Get a 91 instead. You get a rear disc then. Much better stopping. Steny

And better suspension :)

Get a bit newer model, price is the same and its a better bike ! I ride mine on the highway all the time and its great. I did not dual sport mine but no one cares down in South America :D You never realize how much freedom we have lost here until you live somewhere else :) Anyways, the 600 rides great on the highway and off. Its reliable, can go a long way between fillups, and just plain fun. I would never go back to a 2 stroke bike. I put dunlop 606's on mine, they last a long time and handle good on the highway. Lots of my miles are on the open highway, going pretty fast, with many excursions into the desert, mountinas, etc. This bike does everything well. I just wish I had the XR650R :) , but it would probably get stolen down there :p .

I've had 4 street legal XR600Rs no complaints other than the seat on long rides, I just add a hidden kill switch 2 bucks at radio shack, spend the extra money on a good lock and cable so they can't load it in a truck so easy. I geared a little taller for better hiway speeds. All were 100% reliable. The newer models with rear disc provided better braking and not having to adjust the rear all the time is nice. All of mine started easy once jetting and idle was set right.

I also recommend a '91 or newer, but I also understand that you "needs to takes what you can gets." I have thought about a keyed ignition, but in the end (being lazy) I went with a rotor lock instead. It fits easily in my fender bag and doesn't add to much weight. However, avoid the ones with the cylinder lock, which can be opened with a plastic ballpoint pen.

I personally prefer to go with a lighting kit, such as the Baja Designs kit. I use mine mostly off-road but have put in a couple hundred miles a day on occasion. Balancing the tires can help a lot.

I would also add, that IMO the XR600/650 line is probably one of the best suited off-road bikes for repeated long distance usage, from a durability stand point.

For tires, I too like the Dunlop 606s. I'm actually on my first set right now, as I have always run non-DOT approved knobbies. I like the predictability when the start to let go. I also have been happy with the durability. They work well on the road and great off the road. If I was doing 95% highway riding however, I would probably go with a more traditional DS tire.

Good Luck...

Cheers, guys. Gonna look at a XR650 tommorrow on your recommendation :) see new post.

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