05 wr450 exhaust

I would like to upgrade the exhaust on my 05 WR450. I have drilled out the rivets on my stock system and removed the small restrictor pipe, but it still seems very restricted. I can get a sweet deal on the FMF Q (the original Q). Is this a waste of $, or will I see some performance gain? Should I wait for some type of new unrestricted end cap for the stock muffler? I need some advice. Thanks.

An FMF exhaust would definitely be a great option to the stock pipe. If you can get a great deal on one you won't be disappointed..

Any aftermarket pipe will improve the performance over the stock pipe. I did the Dr. D exhaust and thought I'd gain a little performance but it made a huge difference.

I installed the FMF Q on my 05 WR450 last night. Took it for a little zip up and down the block--had a little harder time than usual keeping the front wheel down and the sound is way more cool than that anemic stock pipe. I noticed some popping on decel--not sure if the bike was just not warmed up or if this is an indication of a jetting issue. The Feb DirtBike article on this bike said that the 05 could take a pipe without needing jetting? I'm not adverse about a little jetting work--but I have never done it and dont want to create a tempermental monster. Help!

I have a FMF Q with a quiet core installed. Its been dynoed with the stock exhaust gutted and with the FMF. The FMF with quiet core installed made 1.8hp more than the stock exhaust that was gutted. The FMF w/quiet core is 95dbs the stock exhaust gutted is 106dbs. The FMF is 2.4lbs lighter than stock.

I bought a White Brothers E-2 slip on and I'm happy with it. Bike feels faster. With all the free mods and a pipe it is a pretty fast bike.

When the snow melts I may even ride it.

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