My 05' - 450 has arrived...

The beast is here...I picked it up last saturday and got most of the break in done....What a crazy amount of torque....Not quite as quick as my old 426 but the torque is nuts....Anyone have any other ideas on what to do before i race in a fw weeks...First race is in sand at Gopher Dunes, in Courtland,Ontario...Any info helps....Front suspension rocks too.....I have still yet to hole that throttle open all the way but can't wait....And what the deal with replacing the piston after break in...anyone know about that....


Keep er' cranked, and the rubber side down....unless you can pull a back flip...hahaha

just do like me......change the oil and filters on a regualr basis and ride the poo out it.

Replace the piston after break in???? Never heard of that.

If you have ridden her easy for a little while, then it is time to hammer it, but keep that oil changed and air filter clean! ENJOY

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