dual sport stator mod.

After asking specificly whether or not my stator needed any mods,I decided to purchase a Driven Industries dual sport kit because I was told "no modifications at all". well after numerous hours fighting to make it work I find out I need to modify my stator for a floating ground. Has anyone delt with Ricky Stator or possibly some other company I'm not aware of.

Well, it looks like theres 2 of us now, I was told the same thing yet they didnt offer any explanation on how to go about wiring it up......I do know that with the Baja designs, you have to cut the ground wire on the stator & solder a wire to it & run it up to the wiring harness, as it being a floating ground, that im unsure of.

Changing the stator to a floating ground is really easy - you can do it yourself with a little patience. The hardest part was getting the additional wire up thru the harness. I ended up slitting the sheath & taping it back together. Baja Designs will modify the stator, don't know if this only applies if you bought their kit.

It does apply to this kit also & in fact it was a baja designs instalation I looked at to solve the mystery behind the floating ground. Rick, what you do is you have to get to your stator assy, locate where they grounded the charging coil & soldered it to the plate(its on the inside about the 9:00 position). Cut it at this point, then get yourself a piece of wire, similar to what is used in the wiring harness(14 guage should do) & solder it to the coil wire you cliped, making sure you scraped the clear coating off the part you solder so that its a good connection. Next you have to route this wire down thru the backing plate, following the other wires & thru the rubber grommet. (this is a bitch to do, using a coathanger helps thread it thru. Once you make it thru there, you need to go back & either epoxy or use a high temp rtv to prevent the connection you made from vibrating loose or contacting the rotor. after that is done, put that back together. Now take your new wire & what i did was tie wrap it to the harness or you can slit the cover as mentioned above, either way you need to follow the harness untill you come to where theres a single yellow wire/bullet connector, that comes out of the harness-its roughly just to the rt & below the top frame tube. Disconnect this wire & take the end that was with the other wires from the stator & connect it to 1 of the DSC kit wires & connect your new wire to the other DSC kit wire(both are yellow from the kit). Unplug your old regulator & your all set. you should have a female 3 hole connector, a 2 hole connector(was the old tailklite plug) & the other end of the bullet connector left over with nothing connected to them, tape them up to protect them, along with the regulator plugs you disconnected. Thats a quicky explanation & if you need to have a more detailed version, email me & ill make a detailed drawing & send it to ya.

Thx Brian for the reply, I meant to post this a couple days ago but have been busy....

Btw-the coil output is sufficient for recharging & running the kit.



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