Help< ANY way to put 98 yz wheels on 02... see why

I just bid on ebay for a 99 wheel and won (front and back) turns out after I set my bid up and come to find I won it, the seller was asked if it was a 98 or 99. He said it was a 98, but his header says 99 and so did his description.

I hate to back out of anything like that, so I'm wondering if there is any way that I could make it work?

Thanks, and remember to always check back to re-read auctions you bid on before they close.


I am thinking that the only dif would be the axle size which can easily be rectified with different bearings and the size of the wheel spacers which if the 02s wont work you could have a machinist make you up a set. Are you getting disks on the wheels?? I dont think that they would make a diff other than if you had to swap the 02s on and the bolt pattern is dif, sprocket pattern migh be dif also but not sure..

yeah, the bearings are the difference. I've done a lot of research, but dont see anywhere where I can buy bearings that fit.

The item on ebay is Item number: 4536385734

If I could do it I would. But I don't know a machinist that could take bearings down, then I would worry that the out shell wouldn't meet tollerances and end u failing on me. I wonder if there is a bearing manufacturer that I could give the OD and ID to and have them research it for me?

This could be huge deal for all new YZ owners becuase it would open up the purchasing of rear wheels and lower the price substantially for everyone. So if anyone has a friend. Please help. THX.

Any bearing place can tell you if they can get a bearing to mate up to the hub. I have done that many times over the years. Just measure the ID/OD and thickness and start calling.. I am sure you can match up something to fit, just try and get it in a double sealed bearing..

Isnt the o.d. of the bearing race the same in all years and the i.d. changed due to axle size? I would think just getting the bearings, spacers and axle for the year you need would cure it. Pivot works would know.

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