Save on OEM parts!

A buddy of mine who had broke his kickstart shaft and side cover on his '03 WR 450 was turned onto Downers Grove Yamaha for a source to get good deals on OEM parts. He said he saved about 20% with shipping over the list price that the local dealer and everywhere else quoted him. Equaled out to about $100 bucks. I checked their price for the '04 starter limiter gear, thinking of upgrading my '03 and the price was $174.99 opposed to $204.99 list.

Might be common knowedge here but thought I'd post it. I think it's



Checkout these guys:

I paid $136 for the limiter a few months ago. Ordered all the starter upgrade parts from them at a great discount. Picked up some oil filters too.

Give them a call. :)

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