Got a '00 YZ426 Now What?

Hello everyone!

OK first of all I just found out about this site (in wich I am very impressed with), and this is my first time posting a bare with me, I'm a virgin to all of this. Anyway, I am sure this a extreamly wide open question but I am looking for all the knowledge I can get. I have been riding all my life but never until now owned a 4-stroke and I basicly dont (yea dont is a word in South Carolina :) ) have any idea about how to maintain it. I am very mechanicly inclined I used to be able to rebuild my 2-strokes in less than a hour but all I have done to my 426 is change the oil, cleaned the filter, lubed the chain,ect. I have heard that valve adjusting is a must but I have no idea even where to start. I love the bike :p , and now a pure junkie for the 4-stroke power. I have had it for a few weeks now and from what I can tell the bike motor has never been "gone through", its all stock, it runs great and lived a basicly pampered life. Until now that is :D . The only problems I have with it now that I have learned how to re-start it :D , is the packing is aparently burned out b/c its loud as hell and it backfires when you engine-break it or let out of the throttle, and I cannot get the factory suspension to make me happy. Im 6'3" 175lbs. Can anyone please point me in the right direction. Thanks. :)

You can go to this website and go through all the tabs on top and there is a lot of info including maintenance it is for a 250 but all relevant to yamaha pretty much .

They are a lot easier to maintain compared to the CR500 I had ran like a raped ape but I love my 99WR400 all the power I need maintenance is as easy as the two stroke just a little more time consuming get your self a service manual and it has all the specs you need. :)

Have fun with it and welcome to Blue

Thanks man,

Raped Ape, huh :) 500's are awsome

I just about cancled Christmas on one of thoes a many of times :) .

no problem starting them can be a pain at first but once you learn how to start it no big deal I did my share of trying to start it when I first got it. Also if you want you can go to the top of a TT page and click on search and put in a search word and then go to the forum Yamaha forum and you can usually find it I was thrilled when I found this site and it is nice to go to a site where people can help you and of course free of charge advise :)

Put in the 450 cam, search for "450 cam mod" in this forum. Makes starting and bump starting extremely easy. You can also take that little lever off your bars.

Man, I tell ya, my right leg is now twice as big as my left from the learning curve of starting the thing, but I wouldnt trade it for the world now. I bought it from the local Polaris delarship(some idiot traded the bike for a four-wheeler....go figure :) ). I have rode a newer four stroke a few times but I still did not know a thing about them. I was just about the only one there that could start the thing. They told me the little red switch on the carb (the hot-start) was the primer! :):D

Everybody at that shop knows me b/c I bought a Polaris 700efi fourwheeler for my land and they all thought I was stupid for buying this bike. They now all want one :o . I got the thing for $1715.00 :D . I, just personally, :p think I made the right move!

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