XR650R seat help?

Posted this in the Motard section and no help, any suggestions?

Finally got the latest project complete......WHAT A HOOT!

Had its maiden voyage at a local track day and everything was great except the seat.

The previous owner had put a Factory Effex Racing seat cover and graphics kit on it.....the seat needs help!

Any suggestions?



'00 XR650R Motard

'00 TTR125L Mini-Motard

'02 300 EXC

'02 DL-1000

'05 Rhino

I using a SDG tall seat, It's 1" taller then stock..........

I'm real happy with the change :)

I looked at various seat seat covers and the complete seat from SGD. The Guts seat foam and cover was significantly more expensive than the complete seat from SDG, but I'm quite happy with the Guts product & quality and would buy them again. They offer different foam heights & firmness and different choices of covers. I went with the following combo...

Guts Racing tall/soft seat foam PN# 3442S

Guts Racing competition seat cover 344-21-30 (red sides / black gripper top)

You can also get this same seat cover in all black by changing the -30 to a -21.

A Renazco seat may be an option, depending on what comfort level you need and how much you're willing to spend. You can view mine in the bottom row of pics on my home page:



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