NEW To Yamaha

Just picked up my 05 WR450 :) . Must say sweet ride and a huge improvement performance wise over my KLX400. ANy quick and painless (cheap mods) also is there a larger tank out there as I ride alot of desert stuff. Any and all comments are welcome.



Welcome, Greg... Nice to have you... There are many mods that you can do to your bike to make it run at its fullest potential.. Do some "searching" around and you'll find what you're looking for. Again, welcome..

Dan :)

Welcome! and yeah, do a search to find all the new owner info you need, it's all here. If any specific Q's let us know ...

Welcome Greg!

What you don't find here, doesn't exist :) Search for "free mods", Acerbis, IMS tanks, etc..

Hey Greg,

Do the search as stated above and also check out

Click photos, it has some mods and aftermarket toys posted with great photos and step by step instructions.

Happy Hunting


Thanks everyone. I will defintiely do some searching I was just hoping that there was a page someone had put together that told me abunch of stuff all at once. Thanks again and I will be back for other questions later. First I gotta ride it some more and figure out what else I need.


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