Anyone with a wr stator Please help

:) I'm looking for a stator that will fit into a 99yz400 for a lighting off road package. What will I need? We don't want to street legal it but would like power for a hedlight for that just incase situation. Any ideas? We alreay know about the new stators for sale but are looking to save alittle. Thanks :)

I joined this site looking for a little info on this very issue. After ALOT of research and calling people, i eventually went with an OEM 99 WR400 flywheel/stator, it was about 375 for both and puts out a little more than 100 watts. You just need to float the ground wire on the stator, look in the Tech section of, or contact them and they will e-mail you the info page.

Good luck!

I bought mine from already wired to work for my yz400. It was $300 with the flwheel.

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