05 DRZ400E vs 05 WR450 or WR250F

I went for a ride with my buddy last weekend. I ride a 05 WR450. He has an 03' DRZ 400 with a pipe. The DRZ is really a good bike. Especially if you like cruising around lookin at stuff. It is very easy and forgiving to ride. The downfalls are the suspension and the power, I rode the bikes back to back and the DRZ felt like I was bottoming out every where I went. Very heavy in corners. As For the 250 I have one of those too. Completly different ride. If you like a pipey motor with only respectable bottom end, more of a two stroke w/ torque feel, It could be for you, way lite though. My two cents

If you are going to ride a lot of tight stuff the WR 250 is the best choice.

This idea of the 250 is for novice rider is a bunch of crap.

My friend has a WR 250 and I have a WR 400. I can ride his bike as fast as my bike through the trails and feel a lot less tired at the end of the day.

I thought there were some noticeable draw backs to the wr250:

More maintenance

Not a good hill climber

You have to work to keep the revs up and stay in the power.

I'll try not to keep this thread going forever, but one question I do have is cornering ability. I've heard the DRZ is heavier in general, but that the pre '05 WRs are top heavy. Which one is better in the corners?

I have ridden both bike and bought an 05 WR450. I am not anti Suzuki because I own a SV1000 and a 1990 DR100 pit bike. A friend has a DRZ400 and it is a heavy bike. The DRZ's center of gravity feels high compared to the WR and it has a lot less power. The mods are going to be pretty much the same cost. The 05 WR is electric start too which is key to not getting tired.

Well, this same "type" of thread has been beatin' to a bloody pulp until the only way

to clean things up is with a sponge.

Come to the WR450 forum and the DRZ sucks. Go to the DRZ forum and the WR sucks.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and here is mine:

Do I like my DRZ? Yes, I certainly do.

Do I regret buying it? Nope.

I paid $4200 and I have nearly $2,000 in upgrades. That's about equal to the

cost of a WR but I wanted e-start and the WR didn't have that in '02.

Yes, the DRZ has less power and it's suspended pretty soft. I upgraded to heavier

springs and did a 440 kit. In Moab two weeks ago, I was jumping at heights and

distances I could have only dreamed about with the stock suspenion.

My DRZ can handle anything the WR can and has the same power. Ddialogue will

tell you that the power feels exactly like his WR450.

With all the "extras" the WR is still lighter but not by much. Maintanence is about the

same with the expection that you can go nearly twice as long on an oil change with

the DRZ because it holds nearly twice the amount of oil as the WR.

Yes, headshake has always been an issue with the DRZ and can be quite scary topped

out in 5th gear in a sand wash. With the rising cost of everything, I'll just get a

dampner and my DRZ will be even better.

Would I by a WR over the DRZ today if I were in the market? Yes, I probably would

simply because the WR has better suspension and makes more power right out of the


Now, if Suzuki makes a factory DRZ450 with USD forks....well, I'd have to stay Yellow.

Peace bruthas...

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