What Does BRP stand for?

I've been racking my brain trying to figure this out, and I searched with no success.

Big Red Pig

Now it makes sense. :) I knew it was a nickname for the 650 put didn't know what it meant...

When one is laying on top of you, you'll know believe me!! BRP :)

BIG RED PIG.... :) .......Says it all......

:) it's not Broken Right Peg ?

Maybe that was Best Ridden Pinned :)

Bombardier Recreational Products, Ski-Doo,Sea-Doo and Bombardier 4 wheelers. The name change last year when the recreation sold back to the Bombardier family.

My buddy started to call his XR650r BRP as well when the bike fell on his right leg in a mud hole last summer and broke his fibula (the small calf bone... is fibula the correct word in English?) :) . It took months before he could kick start it again :):D

This is a funny nickname (BRP) but it remains that this bike seriously hauls a.. :p

It must be a right side thing, mine hit a rut while on the rear wheel and slammed down sideways :) on my right leg. Ripped soft tissue to the bone. Had to have six internal stitches and six box style stitches on outside. I couldn't get if off me without using my left leg to push up on the seat. :)

Beautiful Red Powerplant

Beautiful Red Powerplant

That's funny! My friend will love this one! :p:)

Coming back on the right leg thing, Joe, my friend, couldn't get up either, I think he tried to lift the bike but did not succeed because of the pain. Another friend (Nicolas) had to help him :):D It is sad that Nicolas did not have his camera with him. Usually: pictures first, then help :D

Big Red Pig for sure.


Yeah!!! Yeah!!! THAT'S the spirit! Pictures first :):D:o:):D

My arms and legs are shakin just by looking at this picture :p

Hmmm.... It must be an XR thing, I've had my 250 pin my ankle down before and had to have a friend lift it off me... It also was on the right side. Why does this happen alot when I crash? I've never seen my other friends get their legs pinned under.

Beautiful Redhead Plaything

Hey dirt, your sign is funny. You can't say the CRFs are bad bikes though.

BLEW RIGHT PAST (lol) :naughty:

I've been racking my brain trying to figure this out, and I searched with no success.

If your refering to the company that makes triple clamps and other hard parts, then i believe it stands for Billet Racing Products

Broken Right Peg should replace Big Red Pig. Steny :naughty:

Max Power, nice Avatar! As for the BRP pic, that doesn't even start to look fun! Turning the bike around I mean. The trails look great though. Where is that at? Steny

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