changing oil ?

Well i just bought a 99' yz 400 and before riding it went through all the normal maintnence...when i was changing my oil i took out the bolt on the frame and the oil shot all ove my front tire...i know this is normal but i was just wondering you all take off the front tire when changing the oil or just dont worry about it?

No man, you don't need to pull your front wheel off. :) Just hold a catch basin right in front of the drain until the thing starts tailing off. It's a pain, but XR600 owners have been doing this for years now. :p

That must have made a helluva mess :)

turn your tire silly

i tried turning the wheel then it gets all over the rim silly

yes it did make a hell of a mess......wasnt ready for it to shoot that far

Put a pan under it, the bigger the better. When you loosen the bolt, DO NOT remove it all the way. I mean unscrew it all the way, but hold it about 1/4" away from the frame. The oil stream will hit the bolt and go strait down into the pan. After about 10 seconds the flow eases up a bit and you can remove your hand and just let it flow. Latex gloves are spectacular for oil changes BTW, the local grocery or drug store probably carries them for < $10 for 100. After a few tries you'll be able to do it without spilling a drop. :)

Or you can just hold up the basin w/one hand on an angle untill the oil lows down???duh

Since my first oil change, and after I cleaned off the front tire, I started to pull the case plug first and then the frame plug after the pressure was down a bit. I don't know why that should be a problem even though it's against manuel procedure. :)

Or you can just hold up the basin w/one hand on an angle untill the oil lows down???duh
Too complicated.

The Billy Who Manfunnel works just fine.

Next week, we'll see if it still works with a Utah skidplate installed :)

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