White Brothers R4 Slip On

I just bought this pipe from my local shop for what I think is a killer price at $230 out the door. I installed it and rode around the yard with it but have not got to really test it out in the woods. I was just wondering if anyone here has this pipe and how they like it. It don't seem to be to loud but it is hard to tell in the yard. Thanks!

I'm assuming you put the pipe on your wr450.

I'm looking for a used factory yz pipe.

Yes I put it on my 05' WR450. Sorry I can't help you with the YZ pipe but I am sure you could find one on EBAY.

I ran one on my XR 650 and it worked extremely well. Not many people mention it but it's a solid pipe for the money

Well I took it out for a short ride today and it seems to respond much better with the new pipe. My only complaint is that it is pretty loud! One thing for sure is everyone will hear Me coming :)

I've got the R4 on my 99 WR400 and it is great except that it is REALLY LOUD. A friend has a E series baffle with 8 discs but I'm not sure I can get it to work. Anyone have any ideas on a cheap way to lower the db without having to rejet again for less airflow?

I brought a r4 today and went for a ride .Yes it is loud i would like to know if the quiet core insert makes much of a difference. Is it worth the money???

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