2002 YZ426F Street Legal

The yellow dosen't look right w/the stock graphics and the blue tank. :):)

It's my Yamavarna dude! I just like to be different. I have the blue fenders, and have been toying with putting them back on. The nice thing, is that I can put it back to Moto in a matter of minutes with my blue stuff.

It breaks my heart for a mx bike to be able to ride on the street w/out the police behind you chasing.

I like the yellow fenders. If your going to keep the yellow theme then I would get the yellow tank shrouds, side panels and then get the graphic kit to match. I think Factory Effex had that kit?

i think it looks good. it's different, thats for sure. the very first pic makes it kind of look like a duck. :)

I laughed out loud when I went back and looked at the first pic. It does look like a duck! That is sooo funny.

One Industries makes the whole Hurricane Hanna kit, these are just the fenders from it, I would like to go all Hanna, I kinda like the retro look!

I had the hannah kit on my bike, and I painted my frame black, it will not look right if you have the blue frame. Later I decieded to turn my bike to look stock so I had to powercoat it blue again.

I would like to get a hanna kit for mine. They are sweet. Quick Question, What did you do about the tall 1st gear problem on the street? Mine probably does 35/40 mph in 1st gear and 80 mph in 5th. I am thinking auto for the woods.

I don't see it to be a problem, in fact I went to a 48 on the rear to get a bit more top end, I wish the darn thing was a six speed, I top out at 82 mph, with my trailtech computer. :)

I think it looks sweet... Could youn let us know what Speedo you have used and how it connects to the front wheel, also what tail pipe are you using that is street legal?

Many Thanks


I like the yellow fenders, but then again I may have a bias...


That's my WR with YZ plastic and seat... (I REALLY wish I had gotten it street legal when I had the chance though!) :)


FMF Powercore 4, the bike is not 100% street legal, no battery, no high beams, no D.O.T. tires and rims, and more. Technically, I could get a fix it ticket, but I have that one all figured out!

Hey... Have you decided if your going to put the Hurricane kit on?

Remember when Yamaha's were yellow and black?

Remember when Yamaha's were yellow and black?

Ya, I used to own a couple of those old yellow Yamahas.

i have seen a ktm that looks like a deer

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