Steering question

I replaced my bars recently because I bent my stock renthals and noticed that after installation the bars are still off center to the right with the tire centered. I used a punch to loosen the steering assembly after I loosened the stem nut and loosened it to make the adjustment (tire between the legs facing the front of the bike procedure) but it didn't seem to move at all? Looks a little like the top tube clamp might be tweaked? Is that possible? Any suggestions?


Tighten back up the steering stem. Slightly loosen the clamps on the forks and give it a good solid turn left and right all the way to the stops. Should be mostly strait, then retorque the fork clamps. USE A TORQUE WRENCH!

yeah, what he said. Your forks are probaly in a bind. just loosen up all the pinch bolts and re align everthing

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