Jetting baseline wr 400

I placed this in jetting but I figure you guys are the ones who have already done alot of calibration.

Before I tear into the carb I wanted to see if I could find someone else with a comparable set up. Its a 2000 wr 400, airbox removed, with throttle stop cut, grey wire mod, and I will be running with the stock baffle out most of the time except when trailing cows,( so I kinda have to find a happy medium). I have no problem with the jetting process, its just really nice to have an accurate starting point. I was thinking maybe a jd setup. My altitude is from 2200 to 5000ft. And the temps will probably be from 50 to 90. I know this is really broad, but I thought maybe I could get a good starting point with the main j. pilot, needle, fuel screw, and clip position(anything i'm missing). I'm going to have to go back to school for this fcr carb, as I've only jetted mikuni's, and some keihnins(SP). This bike is currently setup for 8000 ft.I would think in theory it would be the same except for the ac pump. How far off is the stock jetting after the air box and baffle are out? Thanks

Here's a database some have started. The more people to fill it out the better resource we all will have. Check it out and put down the setup you are running with:

Jetting Database

My setup is in there similar to yours, but not yet perfect.



thanks tgodwin. I know there are some differences between 99 wr and 2000 in the carb. Is most of the jetting interchangeable between the 98, 99, and 00 wr 400's. I wasn't sure if the jetting from 99 or 98 would be way off. The little post thing you guys have going is a really good idea.

Glad to see you went for the wr400. I was reading your other post and people were giving you some good advise. My riding experience is limited and I'm new to my WR400, but that thing continues to amaze me. Have fun. Good luck with the jetting.

We need to bump that thread back to the top and get some more people filling it out. The DRZ forum has a similar thread and it is an awesome resource, we can't let those guys get a leg up on us now.

any other recomendations for stock needle, jetting. i would like too see what other people are using for main jet, pilot, air jet, and clip position. also what needls are u guys running.

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