04 or 05 yz450f?

I accidentally posted this in the wr section.

Can anyone out there tell me which is the "best buy" for my money. I am looking at an 04 yz450f (new) for 5500 out the door OR I can get an 05 for 6600 out the door. Is the 1100 really worth it? I am a novice rider who is 6'9" tall and 250lbs.


Some say that the 03/04 450s are better bikes than the 05... I go with the 04 and put the 1100 towards bars and susp and a taller seat for you height!!

Get the '05....the suspension and engine improvements make the bike a dream to ride!

I agree with adrian. You will be just as happy with the 04 and $1100 in your pocket. The 05 forks are awesome but the 04's still work great. Renthals on the 05 but they get ditched for fat bars anyway. The 04 motor is stronger. It will not pull away from an 05 but you can feel a difference. Ergo's are the same.(seat height change only applies to the WRs) Weight is close, something like 2 lbs I think. Same taffy chain on both years.

Have fun with your new bike.

I would go with the 04 also. You can do alot with $1100.

I picked my 05 yzf450 up for 5600 out the door here local. I think 5500 for an 04 is kinda high.

Price depends on where you are at. I paid $4998 OTD for my 04 in December with no interest for a year.

Thanks everyone - I think I'll get the 04 and put some money into bars, chain etc and then buy my family a nice dinner! :) 'preciate the help!

If your in Washington, the Motorcycle Brockers are in British Columbia, I would call them up and drive to pick the bike up. I think you could save a bit of money on the bike doing it that way...

04 for sure!! The motor is much better. All the mags say it is.. the 05 is too mellow. As far as better forks..maybe with a lot of work. Everyone says they are too harsh and you have to dink around with the oil levels.

Well'p, I just picked her up...and she is SWEET! My neighbors must think I'm crazy...that thing absolutely BARKS...

I'm taking off to the track when my son gets home and I just wanted to come back in and say "Thanks" again.

This is a great forum.

ENJOY!!! Congrats!!

Another YZ rider is born. Nicely done.

I was in your same situation in september, and went with the 04. Picked mine up for 5350 OTD, and love it. Best bike Ive ever had hands down so far. Put the money i was gonna spend on the 05 into bark busters, oring chain, desert tank and frame gaurds.

That was a quick buy. Enjoy the new fire breathing monster.

Yeah, I had to make a decision and I hate "shopping" too much. I like to ask around a little and then dive in full bore. Man, I just returned home from the track and that bike is unbelievable. It had everything, and then some...I am extremely happy with this purchase and am riding againg tomorrow. All I can say right now is that I have to agree with gerbrony450 that this is definitely the best bike I've ever had.

Now, I've got to get some bars, meats and chain. What do y'all recommend?

D.I.D. X-ring, Applied bar/clamp combo and D756 up front is what I have.

Don't forget to throw some grease at all the bearings.

WRookie, are you just talking about the wheel bearings?

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